The following questions
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The following questions
have been answered previously.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on the application process

  • How can I submit an application?

    We will only consider applications submitted via email, in German and preferably in pdf-format. Your data will of course be treated as confidential, especially with respect to your current employment. Please indicate in your application how you came across our company (which job site you found us on, for example). 

  • Which documents should the application contain?

    Please provide us with an application dossier as informative as possible, containing all relevant documentation. This should include a cover letter, CV, photograph and university degree(s) as well as all relevant certificates for internship and employer references. Your application should not exceed a total file size of 5 MB.

  • Where should I submit my application if I am applying to several locations?

    Please submit only one application to us, regardless of how many locations you may be applying to. Cite the location with the highest priority first and also indicate your second and third preference, where applicable. If there are no vacancies at the location that you prefer, we will automatically consider you for any vacancies at our other locations.

  • What are the next steps in the application process?

    We may ask that you submit additional or missing documents. We will then carefully review your application. Depending on the outcome of this review, you will either receive an invitation for an interview or a rejection. Normally this process takes no longer than four weeks.

  • What can I expect at the interview?

    During an interview we place a great deal of emphasis on getting to know you personally. In this way we dissociate ourselves from standard selection methods such as those employed by assessment centers. Any costs incurred for travel within Germany shall be reimbursed at a rate equivalent to a 2nd class train ticket. Please obtain additional details by contacting Mrs. Yvonne Engel prior to departure.

  • What type of contract will I be offered?

    In principle we only employ full-time staff. At the end of a six-month probationary period on the part of both parties, your contract will convert to a work contract for an unlimited period. We do not employ freelancers or temporary staff.