Together as a team
instead of each for their own
Together as a team
instead of each for their own

Our Business Culture

We view ourselves as an “employee-focused management consultancy” - the company revolves around its colleagues. Especially important in this context is the sponsorship, challenge and appreciation of the individual as well as an open and trusting business culture.

All employees are actively involved in the development of our company – via the conception as well as implementation of ideas. Our executive positions are exclusively staffed internally. Independent of their status, employees have access to a diverse spectrum of personal development paths. Generally, we are very interested in long lasting professional relationships. Our personal development credo is: Stay and grow instead of up or out!

To ensure a uniform methodology and a consistently high standard in our services, we exclusively offer permanent positions to our employees. External employees and freelances are used only in rare exceptions.

Teamwork is not an empty phrase to us but a principle which all our consultants actively pursue in every project. We put great emphasis on communication at eye level – independent of age, experience, career level or role.

Work-life balance is very important to us – both with respect to working hours and regarding health management. Our especially popular sabbatical program is one measure which underlines this commitment.

In our view, the reconciliation of work and family life is essential for a stable employment relationship. For this reason, our young parents are guaranteed project assignments close to their home. Generally, the longer an employee is a part of Assure, the harder we push for permanent assignments close to home.

Furthermore, active exchange among colleagues is very important to us. For this reason we regularly organize events with our regional and client teams, Lync sessions, evening meetups before workshops and trainings, companywide meetings/events, invitations to private and public events and much more.

We do everything we can to make sure that Assure Consulting remains a company in which…

  • our employees feel comfortable
  • a creative and innovative atmosphere prevails
  • strong team spirit exists
  • friendships grow out of personal relationships
  • events and meetings are eagerly awaited
  • a dog eat dog mentality does not exist
  • little fluctuation happens