Only those who feel like they're part ot the team
will be able to lead it.
Only those who feel like they're part ot the team
will be able to lead it.

Management of individual projects

A successful project begins with a clearly defined task and ends with the team working together to achieve an objective. Therefore our (sub-)project managers expedite progress on a project not only by applying highly efficient project management methodologies but in particular by using their interpersonal and communication skills.


The overall aim is to ensure that target results as well as scheduling and cost objectives are met according to plan and to the customer’s satisfaction, and that a project's internal and external communication functions smoothly.

Here the focus is on:

  • Methodologically sound project management
  • Leadership and motivation of the project team
  • Consistent decision and escalation management
  • Efficient and target-group-specific project communication and proactive stakeholder management

How Our Customers Benefit

Our project managers have made themselves experts in project management through their work on numerous projects over the years. The experience and skills they acquired thereby as well as the special training they have undergone to cultivate their soft skills are what make it possible for them to provide direct operational benefits and to satisfy the need for continuous stakeholder management. Thanks to their high degree of flexibility, our project managers can be deployed as interim managers, (sub-)project managers or as supplemental management as part of a dual leadership team.