About Us

We drive projects success. Our work involves more than just achieving objectives.​ We embrace a people-oriented corporate culture based on shared values, strong relationships and the collective further development of the organisation. This culture extends outside our company premises and we always ensure it forms part of our projects for clients.​ ​Together, we create an environment in which we can experience personal fulfilment and be proud of what we represent.

Our roots

Founded in 2003, Assure Consulting’s key motivation is to achieve extraordinary things. We believe that you can only reach this as a team; a belief that we embrace both within our organisation and in our relationships with clients. A passion for all aspects of project management, as well as related areas such as training, coaching and change management, plus an empathetic and proactive mindset are the attributes that have defined us and our consultants since our foundation.

What sets us apart

We believe it is essential to recruit people who want to be successful and effective in a team environment. They also need to have the right motivation and enjoy working for Assure and our clients. These special characteristics, top project management qualifications and experience in other areas such as facilitation, communication and conflict management, result in a team that is always ready to help our clients resolve their problems. Our consultants are also capable of managing and proactively preventing critical situations. It makes us really proud to be able to say this about our colleagues.

What you can expect from us

Assure Consulting is a partner to project managers and project teams. Our work is a catalyst for our clients’ success. Our diverse service portfolio allows us to pick and choose the perfect service mix to eliminate whatever we have jointly identified as the current obstacle to your success. All of the services we provide are connected or related to project management. We are at home in the traditional, agile and hybrid project management worlds, and we are capable of overcoming any apparent project or project portfolio obstacle. We introduce clarity, effectiveness and momentum which, in our opinion, are the keys to success.

How we embrace responsibility

We strive for improvement and grow through challenges. Our sense of identity is founded on the key principles of proactive behaviour, respectful interactions and the willingness to embrace responsibility. We apply these principles in our client projects and in our environmental and CSR activities. For this reason, and because we all share the conviction that small actions can have a big impact, we commit to projects that benefit the world outside the workplace.

What we stand for as an employer

Our aspiration: to create an organisation and work environment that ’ticks’ differently to those of traditional companies. Our objective: to have an entire workforce that is happy and satisfied with long-term career prospects within our organisation. Conflicts and differences of opinion exist in any good relationship as it evolves over time. The important thing is to cultivate trust, security and the shared objective of a long-term relationship that works well so that we can take Assure Consulting forward and transcend our limitations.

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