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Professional project management ensures business success

As a strategic partner to our customers, our teams of experts play a key role in the sustainable success of complex projects. We master the methods needed for managing and implementing projects, improving organisations and training employees. The personality and expertise of our consultants ensure tangible benefits that contribute greatly to the success of projects.

Friendship, not rivalry.
Team spirit, not competition.

We work with an intrinsic motivation, we take a value-based approach and we are passionate professionals in what we do. At Assure Consulting, added value comes from working together and for each other. We are open to every individual person and are always interested in new ideas, while also keeping our individual career goals in mind. This ensures an atmosphere built around appreciation and transparency, with a reliable framework. We support and inspire everybody to reach their potential. In short, Assure Consulting does not set out the way things should be, Assure Consulting includes everybody.
To maintain a standardised methodology and consistently high level of performance, we rely on our full-time internal employees. We only use external consultants and freelancers in exceptional cases. 
Teamwork is more than just a word for us. It is lived and breathed actively every day by our team in support of our customers. We place considerable value on respectful communication on equal footing – regardless of age, experience, career levels and roles. Our employees integrate themselves into our customers’ project teams and take on a communication-based, and often also an intermediary, key role there. In addition to ‘hard’ project management skills, these soft skills are also a vital part of our service.

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We do everything we can to ensure that Assure Consulting remains a company in which…

  • our employees feel comfortable, 
  • there is a creative, artistic atmosphere, 
  • expertise is built up together and shared, 
  • there is a close sense of team spirit, 
  • personal relationships and friendships can grow, 
  • there is no dog-eat-dog mentality, 
  • there is a tangible excitement ahead of team events and meetings.

We take social responsibility

Assure Consulting wants to make a positive impact on the well-being of its employees, society and the environment. Corporate social responsibility is more than just a moral or ethical concern. For us, CSR represents responsible business action, taking responsibility for the organisation as a whole and for all of our employees.
We implement social, environmental and economic initiatives, making CSR a core part of our corporate culture. Once a year, for example, all of our regional teams have the opportunity to use one working day for a sustainable goal. As part of these initiatives, outdoor facilities for playschools have been improved, a refuge for wild animals has been restored and training for applicants has been provided at schools.


Shaped by passion for over 16 years

Assure Consulting was founded in 2003 by Tim Schmidt and Nico von Gersdorff. The two worked closely together for a number of years before the company was founded on projects in the telecommunications industry and on a merger project in the banking sector. 
Inspired by a common passion for project business, they came up with the idea of forming a consulting company specialising in project management. From the very beginning, this was coupled with a strong employee-oriented corporate culture that still typifies Assure Consulting today. In the years that followed, the first employees came on board, the first summer jams and cup games were held, and the company’s positioning as a consulting firm for professional project management was continuously expanded. As employee numbers continued to grow and business segments became more diverse, Eric Marischka and Alexander Runow joined the management team in 2016.

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Communication as a philosophy, well-being as a principle

We can only manage complex projects successfully by working closely together and with confidence in one another, both as a team and with our customers. Communication with one another is therefore very important. As numerous employee surveys and employer awards show, Assure Consulting is built around a close sense of solidarity and exceptional team spirit. We make well-being a principle.
In addition to various professional and private activities at the project location, our large company meetings are held three times a year. The highlights of the meetings are our cup games, which are all about personal interaction and togetherness. The Assure calendar also features numerous regional team meetings, including activities held on the evening before, and our annual ‘Summer Jam’. With lots of action, but also ample time for relaxation and interaction, we would like to thank all of our employees for their great commitment and dedication at the Summer Jam. And in so doing, we get ourselves ready once more for new exciting tasks.


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Our locations

Thanks to our decentralised locations, we can guarantee proximity to our customers and can respond flexibly to customer demands. Our regional offices also enable our employees to share information regularly with the team.

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