We embrace responsibility

We strive for improvement and grow through challenges. Our sense of identity is founded on the key principles of proactive behaviour, respectful interactions and the willingness to embrace responsibility. We apply these principles in our client projects and in our environmental and CSR activities. For this reason, and because we all share the conviction that small actions can have a big impact, we commit to projects that benefit the world outside the workplace. We have organised our CSR activities into a cross-sectional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) unit.

Our aspiration

We realise that our actions have inevitable consequences – for our employees, our environment and our society – which is why we regularly review and reassess them as the basis for developing new approaches to sustainable management. We understand sustainability to be a triad involving the interplay of economic, environmental and social factors. We are also aware that sustainability is not a static status quo, but a continuously evolving process that is affected by the actions of every individual. So, for us, sustainability is about corporate accountability, both for the organisation as a whole and for everyone who works here.

Corporate volunteering days

Once a year, we encourage our people to get out of the office and get involved in social projects as part of the Corporate Volunteering Day that we introduced in 2014. The teams are free to choose the charitable projects they will be supporting each year. Our Corporate Volunteering Days in recent years have been just as varied as our client projects: from painting the walls of charity organisations to helping animal welfare organisations feed their animals and muck out the enclosures to clearing wood debris from a stream.

Pro bono activities

Through our pro bono activities we help non-profit organisations to achieve their goals even more effectively with our expertise. We develop tailored solutions to overcome the challenges our partners face. Via our pro bono partnership with Ashoka Deutschland, a global community of change leaders, we are able to reach more organisations and support them with our expertise. Our support extends to all steps of the project process, from the initial establishment of project management structures to increasing the level of transparency in existing project portfolios via both agile and traditional project management methods.

Corporate giving

Corporate giving is another aspect of our CSR strategy. In recent years we have supported the Hanseatic Help organisation’s #wärmegeben initiative (in EN: warmth giving), funded the construction of a toilet and hygiene room for girls as part of the ’Kikumakuma Primary School’ project and provided financial assistance to victims of the Ukraine war.

Since 2017, we have also organised an annual ’angel tree’ initiative at Christmas in collaboration with the Bärenherz children’s hospice. Our employees get involved by fulfilling the children’s Christmas gift wishes.

Climate-friendly travel

Client visits are part and parcel of a consultant’s job. To make sure our business travel is as climate-friendly as possible, we use Deutsche Bahn rail services in combination with public transport whenever possible. All our employees are issued a BahnCard Business 50 rail ticket, which they can also use for private journeys.

If business travel by rail is not possible for some reason, we do our best to offset the carbon emissions that our journeys cause. For the past two years we have been offsetting the carbon emissions associated with all our flights and rental-car journeys in collaboration with the non-profit climate protection organisation atmosfair.

Local projects

Another way in which we contribute to climate protection is by assigning our consultants to local projects whenever possible. Not only does this reduce the length and frequency of our business trips, it also improves our consultants’ work-life balance. As a result they have more time for trips with their company bicycle, for visits to the subsidised Urban Sports Club or to take advantage of the options available in our Fitness First employee health programme.

Tree donations

We are also seeing the effects of climate change in our national forests, which is why we are keen to help prevent climate change here in Germany. We have been sponsoring two tree plantings for every new employee we recruit in collaboration with PLANT-MY-TREE since 2018. The advantage of this scheme is that the trees are planted as part of local reforestation projects. More than 300 trees have already been planted in the name of our employees.

Responsible management

Within the framework of our sustainability strategy, the responsible management of our business is just as important to us as our climate and social initiatives. Among other things, we are committed to cultivating long-term client relationships, organic growth, workforce expansion and long-term relationships with both clients and employees. We mitigate our risk exposure by distributing our business operations across multiple clients and sectors. We also form provisions for crises – to provide us with solid foundations for the future.

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