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Are successful projects that take your organisation forward – and are enjoyable to work on – a pipe dream? As a company, department, portfolio or project manager, have you ever felt that your projects aren’t delivering the necessary results, or that they are progressing too slowly, or that they lack transparency? We have a few quick questions for you to assess the possible reasons why your projects aren’t going as well as you’d like.

Do you have full transparency?

Do you have clearly defined objectives against which you can measure results and (partial) milestones? Are you aware of the current status of your project or project portfolio? Are you up to date on the budget situation? Transparency is essential if you want to measure the progress of your project and take any necessary actions to steer it back on course. Defined responsibilities, release procedures and tasks can help you to retain an overview.

Are your projects delivering the desired outcomes?

Are your projects on track, but not delivering the ’wow’ effect you were hoping for? Are the results proving to be less effective than planned? Are you familiar with project management methods and able to use project management tools effectively? How would you rate your own and your team’s project management know-how? Do you have a sparring partner nearby with whom you can discuss your achievements, doubts and concerns?

Are your projects progressing as planned?

Does your project team lose its drive, speed or efficiency after the first phases of the project? How do the project team members stay motivated? Is it enough to achieve the defined objectives in the agreed timeframe and to introduce steering mechanisms if necessary? Particularly in the early phases of the project, the project team members need time to get to know each other, to feel comfortable in their roles and to establish the optimum collaborative structures. If this step is skipped, the team may lose its motivation and drive at some point.

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Although the figures fluctuate strongly between 40 and 60 per cent, it’s an established fact that many projects either don’t go according to plan or simply fail. There are many different reasons why this can happen. In our experience, the main ones are the following:

  • The project portfolio isn’t geared to the company’s business objectives or makes no contribution to the achievement of those objectives
  • Project management methods are not used – or unsuitable ones are used
  • The organisation’s project management structures are not yet mature, i.e. they hinder effective project and portfolio management
  • No communication or poor communication within the project team and with stakeholders (keyword: stakeholder management)

We analyse the causes of your problems together with you and help you achieve the necessary clarity, effectiveness and momentum you need for your projects. In the problem-solving process it’s important not only to treat the visible symptoms, but also to deal with the root cause. That’s what we do every day to bring you closer to your dream of successful projects.

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