Consultancy services

Project management & consultancy services in connection with a standardised fibre-optic network expansion project

Project scope

  • Sector: telecommunications
  • Approx. 1,700 employees
  • Objective: overall optimisation and implementation of project management methods in construction projects related to fibre-optic network expansion
  • Expertise: project management, PM experts, consultancy services, project portfolio management, process & IT requirements management, project and programme management (PMO)
  • Project duration: approx. 18 months


In the past the department had been implementing projects without a standard project management approach. At the same time, the number of projects was continuously increasing. To ensure that those projects could be implemented effectively and successfully, it was necessary to introduce systematic, organisation-wide project management methods. An Assure associate who had already worked for the client in the past recommended Assure to the department manger. He approached us with a request for a project manager to analyse the existing project management structures and optimise them in line with his department’s requirements.


In the roles of project manager and project consultant, Assure Consulting developed an interdependent strategy and supported the roll-out of a project management approach that was specifically tailored to the client’s requirements. 

A process analysis of commercial fibre-optic network expansion was also implemented, which provided the basis for establishing a standardised, template-supported project management process within the collaborative work environment. A new document and knowledge management system was also introduced to support the process framework.

By providing a counterpart to the project manager for the fibre-optic network expansion, Assure Consulting put the newly developed standards to the test and acted as multiplier to ensure they were implemented in the team. The insights gained in the tests were channelled into the development of the strategy for the entire department as part of a continuous improvement process.

Assure Consulting’s project management remit also included internal stakeholder management, as well as the management and coordination of service providers and contractors. The additional implementation of consistent deadline compliance and stringent risk management made it possible to close out the client’s construction projects successfully.

“It was a trust-based partnership – professional, flexible and structured. The project managers were all real professionals who took on the challenges associated with several project management roles and resolved them to our complete satisfaction.“

Department Manager, Deutsche Glasfaser